The 4 steps of the project

Focus groups

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The project subscribes to the bottom-up philosophy, thus the initial step consists of grouping together entrepreneurs of all types, varying ages, and diverse backgrounds to discuss the advantages and challenges of doing business in Sherbrooke. Some 40 entrepreneurs will be divided into groups of about 10 people each. From them, a portrait of the entrepreneurial ecosystem that currently exists in the Sherbrooke area will be drawn, followed by an outline of what entrepreneurs would like as an environment.

Lastly, the participants will analyse where they are in terms of initiatives and projects that correspond to potential solutions. To reach a greater number of entrepreneurs and supplement these results, an online survey will also be available at throughout the summer.

Developing a diagnosis

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One of the primary goals is not to create new structures or new services, but to enhance awareness of what is already being done in the area. Therefore, a portrait of the entrepreneurship resources available in Sherbrooke must first be prepared. p.

An external firm and the coordination committee are working on documenting the services, funds, and networks already in place. One of the goals of the Entreprendre Sherbrooke project is to create a strong network linking the stakeholders providing services to entrepreneurs, which is why an inventory of the existing resources is an important ste

Defining an action plan

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Based on the themes and potential solutions identified through the discussion groups, the survey, and the diagnosis, an action plan will be developed and validated by discussion groups made up of entrepreneurs, stakeholders, and institutions.

Grouped by shared activity sectors or issues, participants will be asked to define the resources required to carry out the priority actions: where, how, and by whom will the selected projects become reality.

Launching a strategy

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Entrepreneurs, stakeholders, institutions, and partners will be invited to the grand launch of Sherbrooke’s entrepreneurship strategy. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date!


Taking a part in the discussion

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