What is Entreprendre Sherbrooke ?

Seeking to develop a strategy in which the entrepreneur is key player in the process, the Entreprendre Sherbrooke project has as its theme “How to create an entrepreneurial community in Sherbrooke?” The venture has been launched to make institutions and organizations accessible to entrepreneurs, to listen to the needs of entrepreneurs, and to collaborate in their initiatives.


The goal is to position Sherbrooke as an ideal environment for entrepreneurs, as a setting that is attuned to the rhythm of entrepreneurs! Various phases will be involved: the creation of entrepreneur discussion groups addressing common issues, the development of a portrait and diagnosis of the current situation, and the formation of information-sharing groups to define an action plan.


All of this will culminate with the launch of an entrepreneurial strategy, seeking to “Stimulate the creation of wealth in Sherbrooke by collectively focusing on the development of an entrepreneurial culture and the creation of an entrepreneurial ecosystem.”


A steering committee, composed of entrepreneurs and representatives from institutions and organizations that work with entrepreneurs, is overseeing the process. A coordinator has been hired, and is assisted by a coordination committee and a communications committee, each composed of individuals from the City of Sherbrooke, the Université de Sherbrooke, and Sherbrooke Innopole.


Our partners

Sherweb Sherweb Sherweb


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Membres du comité de pilotage Membre du comité de pilotage

Membres du comité de pilotage

Back row

Peter Cassar (Sherweb), Jean-René Bélanger (Imeka), Jean-Pierre Bertrand (Sherbrooke resident), Matthew Cassar (Sherweb), Éric Desmarais (Sporobole), Bernard Sévigny (Mayor), Julie Plamondon (Coordinator), Claude Belleau (Estrie Aide), and Jacques Viens (Université de Sherbrooke).

Front row

Josée Fortin (Sherbrooke Innopole), Anne Painchaud-Ouellet (Ressac), Annie Lessard (Chambre de commerce de Sherbrooke – Sherbrooke Chamber of Commerce), Anik Beaudoin (Restaurant Auguste), and Caroline Proulx (Sherbrooke ville en santé – Sherbrooke Healthy City).


Jacques Beauvais (Université de Sherbrooke), Jean Bibeau (Table d’action entrepreneuriale de l’Estrie – Estrie Region Entrepreneurship Action Table), and Josée Samson (SOS Odeurs).


Taking part in the discussion

To submit an idea or participate in a project, attend one
of our brainstorm sessions, from October 27th to November 12th.


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